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The District Court in Bastrop County has worked closely with the Texas Records Division in terms of how the Bastrop County divorce records are going to be governed. Well, it is basically ruled by the constitution otherwise known as the Family Law. The District clerk of court is appointed to be the main in-charge in the management of these divorce documents. So, the update of this type of record is done at the local level which means that residents can now process the records retrieval within the county where they have resided.

Bastrop County certainly has what it takes to provide to its people the information which they need for whatever purposes. The local residents only have to coordinate with the District Clerk of Court’s office to find out the requirements when making an application for the dissolution of marriage reports. The office staffs have the responsibility to accommodate your request at any time during office hours. Remember that it is your legal right to make such an order; thus, you must not be reluctant in doing such an application.

The clerk of court will more likely require you to prepare the following: completed records request form, personal documents to prove your identity as a requestor and payment for each copy of the documents that you are going to request. If you send it by mail, you have to put the filled-out form in a stamped envelope with the amount of money for the service fee. Also, you will be asked to have the form notarized by a licensed lawyer, otherwise the clerk of court’s office will not accept it. Following such guidelines is a must in order for you to be granted with the divorce details.

When making a request you need to be clear as to what you are ordering for so that the staffs who are working on it will know exactly what to do and what to find. There are actually two types of records you can get in regards to divorce. The divorce decree which contains all the terms and conditions of the separation and the divorce certificate which simply holds information on the names of the divorcees and the date and place where it was granted. On this note, payments will vary as to what exactly you are looking for. But usually, a divorce certificate would cost more over the divorce decree. For you to get the current rates it would be advisable to call the office directly to find out such information.

If the record is not yours then you would need a court order to allow you to have access to such reports. This is where a legal representative comes in to help you prepare all the documents which show that you indeed need to retrieve the divorce record of someone as it deems necessary for a legal undertaking for instance. Your attorney will then appear before the court. If granted, you to the district clerk of court’s office to formally request it. This is how it is performed conventionally. But today, an online retrieval option has been introduced with a promise that the processing time is only within a few minutes. You only have to supply the basic information about the divorce and in no time you get what you want. It is for you to check on this modern searching alternative to find out its efficiency.

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