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Marriages are bound arm in arm with the vows of love, trust, commitment, and honesty. However, the failure of the couple to strengthen such bonds due to a number of influences can result in the destruction of what was once a presumed happy ending. These vast numbers of sentiments are experienced by 6,646 marriages on a daily basis in the United States.

Like any other vital events, divorces have multiple implications on the many aspects of society. The documents that cover the entire divorce proceeding, called divorce records, is one of the most sought public records because it is the official proof that a marriage has been legally dissolved upon the approval of a Judge in a Court of Law. Once proven that a marriage has been terminated, a variety of functions can be performed, such as the reinstatement of the woman’s maiden name, background checks and as a requirement for the issuance of a new marriage license, in the case of remarrying individuals.

Divorce records in the State of Texas are kept and distributed per county. The entity in charge of this is the Office of the District Clerk. Furthermore, Texas divorce records are open for procurement by the public whenever demanded whatever intentions.

Obtaining Brazos County divorce records only requires an accomplished application form or letter containing the complete names, including the maiden name, of the husband and wife, the Court Case Number, and the correct date or a range of dates wherein the divorce was filed, the $5.00 fee per name searched and the $1.00 copy fee per page, and a return address and the contact number of the person making the request. Payments are to be sent via money order payable or check. Requests are dealt with within a few days to a few weeks, excluding the time it will take for the postal service.

There is a way you can obtain additional information or simply confirm the existence of the divorce you are following in the State of Texas. This is via verification letters for divorce provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Such letters are regularly sent by the county repositories to the said department after a verdict regarding divorce has been created. To request for them, complete a request form containing details of the divorce such as the names of both the husband and the wife, the ages of the couple when the divorce was filed, the exact date of the filing, the city or county the divorce was filed, and the Court Case Number, if known. There is a $20.00 charge per verification letter requested. After 10-15 days, a mail containing the requested document will be sent to you.

The Internet has become the embodiment of convenience in the 21st century. This is because almost everything can now be ordered and acquired online, including divorce records. Thanks to various government agencies and private entities that offer records retrieval services via the Internet, one can now procure his or her desired records at the fastest possible time.

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