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The District Clerk of Court is the point person when it comes to documentation of Comal County divorce records. Residents are advised to drop by the office for inquiries related to the dissolution of marriage reports. However, individuals must understand that family laws have been established to help organize and put into proper place the keeping of this particular document. And that they cannot obtain a copy of it without following the legal protocol imposed by the State of Texas in compliance with the existing constitution and statutes.

Since the court handles cases on divorce, the clerk of court then automatically updates it in the records database within the office rather than forwarding it to the County Clerk because that otherwise would consume more time and work. So, technically, divorce reports are isolated from the other vital records like death, marriage, and birth which are all maintained at the county clerk’s office. Residents are lucky that they now have access to this report at the local level compared to before when they had to travel to the State’s central records’ office just to place a request of the said documents.

As per ruling in Texas and Commissioners Court, a requesting party has to spend an amount of $55.00 in return for every copy being procured. The whole request procedure should be easy to follow. First, you secure a copy of the record’s request form and fill it out completely. The form would ask you to fill in your complete name, divorce case number, names of the former couple, date and place where the divorce was finalized and the other basic information about the case. Along with the form includes your personal documents which state that you are a legal resident in Texas. If you don’t have it then you are not going to be permitted to proceed with the request.

Take note as well that if you do not own the record the most important part of your application would be to provide a valid request for doing the request. This usually comes along with the aid of an attorney who will appeal to the court to request for an authorization letter which allows access to the divorce file. Comal County entertains requests that are sent via email, facsimile, mail or through a walk-in process. The cost per request then depends on how much information or how many copies you need. Keep in mind that requesting for a certified copy would cost more than a regular copy which is only used for verification purposes. To know the exact amount, you may always call the clerk of court’s office to verify.

With independent online records services today, the task to produce information on divorce becomes very handy as you only have to make a few clicks and in a few minutes you get to acquire the results that you have been looking for. You only have to pick a legitimate resource and be careful not to be deceived by some scammers over the web. It is all up to you if you go online or stick to the traditional approach of doing the search.

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