Consulting with an Austin divorce lawyer before you decide to employ them is always a great idea. Just like buying a car you want to do a “test drive” before purchasing. Meeting with one of the divorce firm‘s attorneys, face to face, will demonstrate how the firm and the divorce lawyer might handle your case. Are the lawyers professional? Do they listen? Most importantly, are they helpful?

Divorce Consultations

A consultation is also an opportunity to find out about the divorce and child custody process in Austin and surrounding areas, the expenses involved, how long your case might take and other basic information about the law. While lawyers are prohibited by ethics rules from giving legal advice to non-clients, consultations very often help people understand legal issues for themselves, which can only lead to better decision about their own future. We find that clients who have these helpful facts, make informed decisions.

Why Aren’t Consultations Free?

Most good family law firms are happy to provide consultations since the consultation also gives the firm the chance to stand out from other divorce law firms. Be wary of firms, however, who offer free consultations. If the attorney is offering a free consultation to everyone who comes in the door then how much time exists for them to serve the Clients they already have. Moreover, some firms will offer free consultations, but many times this is simply to increase their numbers or because they are desperate for clients as they are just starting out.

If you call around to other firms you will see the experienced divorce attorneys all charge for a consultation. There are a number of reasons for this. For one, an experienced attorney has built up years of experience and knows how to properly inform clients of their options during their consultation. Also, when someone pays for a consult it usually means they have done their research or were referred to a specific firm and are more likely to hire that particular attorney. More to the point, if the attorney were to offer a free consultation to everyone who called he or she wouldn’t have any time for their existing Clients.

Confidence in our ability to provide good results for clients shows during these consultations and for us, that’s a good thing.

Our Average Fee for One Hour Consultation – $200.00

For your convenience there are 3 ways you can set a consultation with us:

  • Call us.
  • Complete a contact form and an attorney will contact you.
  • Or simply Book Online.

An Austin divorce lawyer at our firm can help anyone faced with an ending marriage understand their legal rights and obtain a fair distribution. Do not hesitate to call us to see if our divorce firm is the right choice for you.

What to Bring

One of the main things you can do to save money better the turnaround of your case is to be prepared from the start beginning with the initial consultation. You can organize your information or your lawyer can, but it has to be organized before submitted to the court. Spending time gathering the financial information required for disclosure will save you a fortune in legal bills.

Have all of your requested paperwork together when you meet with your attorney. Show up to your appointments on time and be ready to make the most of the time you have with the divorce lawyer. Often, a divorce attorney will base his or retainer, in part, on how much work they anticipate having to do. Some of that assessment includes what type of client you appear to be. Are you disorganized? Are you late for the appointment? Are your documents incomplete or messy? The first impression you give is a lasting one.

Don’t Forget The Intake Form

Prior to your appointment our staff will deliver to you our standard intake form. Please complete fully and don’t hesitate to call if you need help filling it out. Some questions will not apply but again don’t be afraid to ask. Asking questions up front will not increase the price of your initial consultation. The intake form not only helps the divorce attorney in getting prepared for your consultation but will help save on costs later down the road.

We don’t need a truck load of documents for the initial consult. (It’s happened before). But having an organized set of documents setting forth your assets or a simple chronology can’t hurt and will help the attorney in advising you of your options.

Keep in mind we love to help people. This is one of the reasons we chose to practice in family law. Our staff is friendly and welcoming and we want you to feel as if you are at home when you first walk into our office. We look forward to meeting you and helping you through this tough and difficult process.