Healthier Divorce Part 6: Intimacy & Authenticity

Intimacy & Authenticity: Why Emotional Intimacy is a Need We All Have

When it comes to our relationships, emotional intimacy is something that all of us need in order to feel connected and secure. Without this kind of connection, we are left feeling disconnected and insecure in our lives. But what exactly is emotional intimacy?

Put simply, emotional intimacy is the bond we have with another person when we share our thoughts, feelings, and vulnerabilities. It’s the feeling of being deeply understood, seen, and accepted by someone else. It’s an essential part of any meaningful relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic.

Ways to Create Emotional Intimacy with Yourself First

Before you can create emotional intimacy with another person, you must first be able to build it with yourself. This requires getting to know yourself better and learning how to be comfortable with your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Take some time each day to focus on self-care and inner reflection. Meditate, journal, practice mindfulness – whatever helps you become more attuned with your innermost self. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be for you to forge deep connections with others.

Ways to Create Emotional Intimacy with Others

Creating emotional intimacy isn’t as simple as just wanting it. To foster real connections in your relationships, it’s important to work on communication skills and actively listen to your partner or friend when they talk about their life. Pay attention to small details like body language and tone of voice; these small cues can tell you a lot about how someone is feeling in the moment. Make sure to show empathy and understanding when needed, while still being honest and open with them in return.

Why Sexuality and Intimacy Are Often Not the Same Things

It’s important to remember that sexuality and intimacy are not the same thing. Sure, physical attraction can lead to great sex and intense pleasure – but true intimacy requires much more than that. It requires vulnerability, trust, acceptance, and respect – all things that go far beyond sexual expression. In order to truly experience true intimacy, both people need to be willing and able to explore their deeper emotions together, without fear of shame or judgment.

How to Communicate in Ways That Result in Intimacy

The key to successful communication in all relationships lies in being open and honest. Speak from the heart instead of the head; tell your partner or friend what you really mean instead of keeping your true feelings hidden away. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to express your desires or concerns without shame or guilt. With clear communication, you can build trust and understanding between yourself and others, paving the way for greater intimacy.

How to Build the Foundation of an Authentic Life

Being authentic means living a life according to your own values and beliefs. To do this, you must first get to know who you are on a fundamental level. Spend time exploring different areas of yourself both internally and externally — hobbies, interests, family dynamics, etc. The more deeply you understand yourself, the more confident you will be able to make decisions that are truly aligned with your unique identity.

These are just a few tips on how to create intimacy in relationships and build an authentic life. Remember: real connection is a two-way street – take the time to nurture your relationship with both yourself and others and you will reap the rewards of deeper connection, greater trust, and overall happiness.

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