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A divorce is not a tragedy. The real tragedy is deciding to stay in an unhappy and dying marriage. The real tragedy is the failure to maintain the marital foundations of love, commitment, and trust. Divorce is simply a solution. Solutions solve problems. Relief from the current problem allows you to move forward. Such hardships and eventual respites are experienced by almost two out of three marriages in the United States.

The documents that compile the events surrounding the divorce, called divorce records to have a ton of uses for a number of post-divorce intentions. These include background maiden name renewal and the termination of any conjured joint financial account during the marriage. Furthermore, requests for copies of divorce records are common amongst individuals who wish to give marriage another chance, as divorce records are typically required before new marriage licenses can be issued. More notably, the main purpose of divorce records is to act as a proof that a marriage has been officially dissolved after a Judge in a Court of Law sanctions it.

In Texas, state laws mandate that divorce records are to be maintained, updated, distributed and protected on county-based repositories. The county agency given this task is the Office of the District Clerk. As they are public documents, divorce registers can be obtained by any person, as long as the adequate procedures and considerations are followed.

El Paso County divorce records are obtained by first submitting a request to the El Paso District Clerk. The request must be filed via a request form or an application letter containing the full names of both the husband and the wife, in conjunction with the latter’s maiden name, the court case number, and the exact date of the filing of the divorce. An online approach in searching for public records is also available in the District Clerk’s official website. The same basic information will be required of you, should this method is utilized. Along with the completed forms and the imposed payments, send your full contact and mailing address to the said county officials. The typical turnaround time per request is around a few days to a few weeks.

If you desire to check the accuracy of the information you hold about divorce and to confirm if it has been recorded in the registry of the State of Texas, you can ask for copies of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services. There is a $20.00 fee for each copy requested. The processing time per request is roughly 10-15 days.

The internet is built around the concept of “convenience”. It is the 21st century’s solution to man’s constant pursuit of a hassle-free life. For the past few years, an online search for records via government databases or at private records retrieval solutions has become a popular activity performed in the World Wide Web. Such undertakings have become rampant because one can obtain the desired record almost instantaneously after pulling a quick search, and can significantly save heaps of time, exertion and cash.

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