Finding Love After Divorce

Love after Divorce

After divorce many women have a hard time finding love and intimacy again.  The anger and rejection they feel can be so deeply rooted in their emotions that they often create a wall around them to protect themselves from being hurt again.  As a result a negative vibe comes from them, making them unapproachable to eligible men.  This vibe is not much different than the one transmitted by the attractive 35-year-old, single woman.  For whatever reasons, she has created an invisible fence around her that tells men to stay away even though she doesn’t consciously realize she’s done this.    There’s a good chance you have built a similar barrier around you.

Here are a couple of tips to help you let down your wall and begin opening yourself up to meeting someone new:

Think like a magnet:  All of us are human transmission towers.  Our thoughts and emotions are the frequencies that we broadcast to the world.  The signals you are emitting will attract back to you the exact same frequency so you need to get on the right frequency.  If you are filled with anger and resentment then that is the frequency you will be on and that is what you will attract more of back to you.  If you are filled with gratitude and peace then you will attract more of that into your life.  In other words whatever you are thinking or feeling is what you will attract more of back to you.

Here is a great, meditative self-empowerment audio that will help you to become a magnetic of positivity:  You can download it here for free:

Show a genuine interest in others:  We meet new people every day.  Make it a habit to start showing an interest in everyone you meet.  Ask questions about that person’s interests, what type of work they do etc.  The more outward and positive you are towards others the more likely you are to direct yourself to the right man when you least expect it.  The key is to be as natural and outgoing as possible and never try to force anything.  If you try to force a relationship to happen it won’t work.  Instead focus on feeling good and transmitting your positive energy to those around you.  The more confident and self-secure you are, the more likely you are to attract Mr. Right into your life.

If you want to move on from your divorce and have a successful relationship with another man, be aware of how you think and feel as these are the radio waves you are transmitting to the world. The best way to do this is to build a solid relationship with yourself by treating yourself with love and respect.  The more happy, content and  grateful you are, the stronger your frequency will be.   You are then more likely to attract a man on the same frequency.

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