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Divorces in the United States occur in two out of three marriages. These events are influenced by a number of intrinsic or extrinsic factors. As they are vital events, divorces are mandatorily recorded and archived for their legal, statistical and socio-economic impacts.

An entire divorce proceeding is documented in a divorce record. The existence of one proves the legality of a couple’s divorce after it is approved by a Judge in a Court of Law. Because of the rich source of information contained within these papers, divorce records are regularly sought for a number of intentions, such as the issuance of a marriage license for people who wish to remarry, the renewal of a wife’s maiden name, settling child custody agreements, and background history checking. Divorce registers can also be used to terminate joint financial accounts established during the marriage.

All across the country, countless statutes mandate the storage, maintenance, security, and distribution of divorce records and other vital registers. In the State of Texas, this obligation is assumed by the different District Clerks of all counties within the state’s domain. Staying true to their nature as public documents, everyone is given the liberty of accessing such records for whatever purpose.

The procurement of Franklin County divorce records begins with a request filed to the office of the District Clerk. In order to do so, details such as the couple’s complete names, including the wife’s maiden name, the case number, the exact date or a range of dates in which the divorce was filed and eventually granted should be included in the request. Divorce records are typically indexed using the husband’s surname. The said office has also recently developed an online search feature in their official websites to hasten the entire process of search and retrieval of public documents. Together with your complete contact and mailing information, send these completed articles, along with the payment via money order payable to the office of the District Clerk.

To absolutely confirm the existence of the divorce of a person that you are researching about, and to confirm if his or records have been officially registered in the state, you can request for a copy of a verification letter for divorce from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Such verification letters are typically sent by the District Clerk of a County after a divorce has been sanctioned. A standard fee of $20.00 is charged for a copy of a verification letter and will be processed within 10-15 business days.

Trying to constantly make life easier is a part of human nature. This is evident in today’s technology, wherein almost all services and commodities can now be purchased online and delivered on the next day. This premise also applies to public records. Fortunately, such demands can now be met satisfactorily with the help of online records retrieval solutions. With such modern alternatives, one can absolutely view and get a hold of any desired record at the soonest possible time, and can definitely save good amounts of time, money and effort.

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