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Many a number of feelings accompany every divorce because it can be precipitated by many internal and external factors. As painful as they are, these events teach people an important lesson, and can, therefore, move on to live a happier life. This continuous rise and fall of emotions are experienced by two out of three marriages across the United States. Aside from its emotional aspect, divorces also leave multiple legal implications.

The legal aspect of divorces revolves around the documents they yield, called divorce records. These registers contain everything you need to know about the divorce, from the grounds that lead to the separation to any restraining orders that were filed against the husband or the wife. More importantly, divorce records affirm that a couple’s marriage has been officially cut off as per approval of an arbiter in a Court of Law. A very common reason for obtaining these records involves the intentions of remarriage because divorce records are usually required before a new marriage license can be handed out.

Texas divorce records are decentralized, meaning they are stored, protected, and issued on a county level, as per State Laws. The institutions in charge of this are the different District Clerks of all counties located in the state.

Galveston County divorce records, as well as other divorce records in all counties in Texas, can be procured by anyone, as long as the proper procedures are adhered upon. Requesting divorce records from the office of the District Clerk requires you to complete an application form that will be affixed with the data you need, such as the complete names of the divorced couple, with the wife’s maiden name, the exact date or a range of dates wherein the divorce took place, and if available, the court case number. Current contact and mailing information must also be included in the request. The completed forms, along with the required fees are to be sent to the said office. Alternatively, you can also search such records from the online search application in the official website of the Galveston County District Clerk.

If you are eager to know if the divorce you are looking for exists in the registry of the State of Texas prior to obtaining a copy of its divorce record, you can request for a copy of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services. A copy of verifications of divorce from the said office costs around $20.00 and will be sorted out and delivered after 10-15 working days.

The many advantages of the Internet have reached the discipline of records search and retrieval. Using government agencies or private records retrieval solutions, your desired record can now be procured at the fastest possible period, without sacrificing quality. This can be easily done after entering the necessary details about divorce in their databases. Another advantage of this alternative method is that it is excellent for urgent matters that require the existence of a certain record.

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