Guadalupe County Divorce Records

The Guadalupe County divorce records are first and foremost the responsibility of the District Clerk’s office in the said County. They are put together and are governed by the law in order to be very organized in terms of how they archive such type of record. Also, they compile it in a way that will be very easy to retrieve when someone comes over to do the request of such a record. The District Clerk will receive all the court records with the final court decisions which include all the finalized divorces being filed and heard before the court.

The District Clerk’s office does not only compile those that are coming from the courthouses but is also tasked to accommodate the applications from the residents on the acquisition of divorce documents. So, they get to review the requests and will decide as to whether or not grant the application. Requests are usually not processed if you do not have all the paper documents being required form by the office. These requirements include your proof of residencies like a valid government-issued ID and other personal documents. You should also be able to supply all the needed information for the office to initiate the search like the basic details about the divorcees.

The procedure is very simple. You visit the office in person to ask for a copy of the records request form and fill it out completely. If your location is too far from the clerk’s office then send a request via mail, facsimile or call by phone to inquire on what you are supposed to do to get started with the records acquisition. It is very crucial that you don’t leave any of the details being asked from you on the form. The bits of information you entered there will be used in doing the actual search. When the form is completed, have it notarized first as a legal standard procedure and eventually submit to the clerk’s office.

Aside from solely focusing on managing the divorce reports, the clerk also oversees the works done over family and child support issues as these two are closely related to divorce. Also, please be reminded that such searches do come with fees. A certified copy of the divorce would cost more than a regular copy of it which is usually used only to verify as to whether or not a divorce actually took place. You must not hesitate to order a copy of it for it is your lawful right to be given such kind of legal information.

Today, searches are also made possible using the Internet. This means that the retrieval of divorce records nowadays have become very hassle-free for it can this time be executed at home. You only need to find a reliable and proven website which caters the service of providing information on divorce by directly downloading from an online resource. You just got to pay for the professional fee in order to obtain the reports effortlessly. However, it is still your decision if you prefer the online search or the typical method known by many of us.

Guadalupe County Vital Records

The District Clerk’s office is expected to do the following services:

Guadalupe County Divorce Decree

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