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Creating and destroying are common concepts that surround all failing marriages. Its destruction is caused by numerous factors that can be from within or outside of the marriage. Hurtful as they are, ending a marriage creates opportunities to live a stress-free life. These are common experiences encountered by two out of three marriages that succumb to a divorce in the United States.

One of the by-products of a divorce is a document called a divorce record. It is the full coverage of the divorce, from the grounds of the separation to any restraining orders, to name a few. Its most important function is to deem the dissolution of the marriage legal upon the approval of a judge in a Court of Law. Many procedures benefit from the existence of a divorce record, such as the reinstatement of a wife’s maiden name, the termination of joint financial accounts, and for background checks and as a requirement prior to the issuance of a new marriage license, in the case of individuals who wish to remarry.

Different states in the country adopt different laws with regards to the safekeeping of public documents like divorce records. In Texas, for example, divorce records are archived, maintained and handed out on a county level via the Office of the District Clerk.

As per Texas State Laws, everyone is given access to Hamilton County divorce records. The same is true for all counties within the state’s jurisdiction. The process of obtaining such records starts off with the creation of a request addressed to the Office of the District Clerk. The request form or application letter must comprise of the full names of the husband and the wife, along with the latter’s maiden name, the completion date or a range of dates wherein the divorce was filed, the court case number, and your present and complete contact and postal details. The completed forms, together with the imposed fees are to be sent via mail to the Office of the District Clerk. Retrieval of requests can be done in person or delivered via mail after 10-15 working days.

If you seek more information about a divorce, and at the same time confirm its existence in the State of Texas, you can avail a copy of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Simply affix the basic details regarding the divorce in filing a request, pay the required $20.00 processing fee, and send these requisites to the said department.

Over the years, countless consumers have benefitted thanks to today’s technology. With services and commodities now available online, our way of living in this contemporary world has drastically changed. Public records search has become an increasingly popular search activity on the Internet because you can obtain results at the soonest possible time using whatever online records retrieval services you’re availing. With these modern alternatives, whatever urgent intentions that require the record you’re looking for can now be satisfactorily fulfilled.

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