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The effort towards destroying marriage is negligible compared to the investments allotted during its creation. This is due to the fact that countless factors that can easily influence its downfall. However, such experiences will always have a silver lining and an opportunity to move forward to a less-stressful life. This is a common experience for half of the registered marriages in the United States. Divorces are vital events that are well-known for its emotional and legal aspects.

All information related to a divorce proceeding is compiled in public documents known as divorce records. The main purpose of divorce records is to demonstrate that divorce has fully undergone the legal process, and granted upon the approval of a Judge in a Court of Law. Access to divorce records allows you to file for requests and procedures such as maiden name renewal and background checks. A good percentage of requests for divorce records come from people who wish to remarry, as these documents are usually prerequisites before a new marriage license can be procured.

Certain statutes govern the storage and distribution of divorce records and other public documents, and these usually vary from state to state. In Texas, for example, divorce records are archived in the county in which they are filed. The responsibility of distributing and storing such records falls upon the hands of the Office of the District Clerk.

Obtaining Harrison County divorce records involves only a few simple procedures. Requests start off by completing a form that contains the complete names of both the husband and the wife, along with the wife’s maiden name, the court case number, and the exact date or you can provide a range of dates to be searched if you are unsure when the divorce was filed. The office of the District Clerk charges a base search fee of $5.00, and copy cost around $1.00 per page. The completed forms, along with your complete contact and postal details and the imposed fees are to be sent to the said office.

If you need more information about the divorce you are pursuing, or you want to confirm its registration in the State of Texas, you can avail a copy of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Such files contain basic identifying information about a divorce that is sent by the county repository after a divorce decision has been finalized. The fee for divorce verification letters is $20.00 and will be processed within 10-15 working days.

We have been graced by the power of the Internet. Nowadays, obtaining services can now be done at the luxury of one’s household. Because you can achieve results at the fastest possible time, online searches for public records has become increasingly popular and is made possible by online service providers that offer such amenities. Without compromising quality, one can save heaps of money, effort and time. Furthermore, you can provide the records required of you if it is needed for an urgent matter.

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