Houston County Divorce Records

The amount of emotional baggage associated with a dying marriage can easily overwhelm the individuals involved. In addition, the level of stress with the process that will lead to its culmination can add up to the already heavy load carried by the couple. These marriages fail because of a copious amount of factors, primarily rooted in the failure to maintain its foundations of trust, commitment, fidelity, and love. This is true in two out of three marriages in the United States.

Divorces are considered legal after the approval of a Judge in a Court of Law, along with the presence of a divorce record. Records of divorce are documents that compile the entire divorce proceeding, along with other related papers. Due to the amount of information contained in them, they are used for a variety of intentions. Most common intentions that utilize such records include the renewal of a wife’s maiden name, background checks, and in the case of remarrying individuals, the issuance of a new marriage license.

Different states implement different rules in the maintenance and dissemination of divorce and other public records. In the State of Texas, specific State Laws appoint all Offices of the District Clerk as the repository for records of divorce. In other words, Texas divorce records are kept and distributed on a county level.

Procuring Houston County divorce records is publicly allowed, as long as the proper intentions and procedures are stated and adhered upon, respectively. The process starts off by filing an application form or writing an application letter, addressing the said county repository of your intentions towards obtaining a copy of a divorce record. This request must contain important details about the marriage dissolution such as the complete names of the husband and the wife, along with the latter’s maiden name, their ages and the date wherein the divorce was filed, and the Court Case Number, if known. Along with these details, you must also include your contact number and your current mailing address. Once completed, whatever media used for applying for a copy of the said document, along with the imposed search and processing fees must be sent altogether to the Office of the District Clerk. Processing times per request would normally take a few days to a few weeks.

The Texas Department of State Health Services also offers copies of divorce verification letters for those who wish to affirm the registration of a certain divorce in the State of Texas. In order to do so, a request must be made to the said agency containing the details of the divorce, and your intentions for doing so. Copies of these documents cost $20.00. Once received, the department will process requests within 10-15 business days.

Mankind has been blessed with the technology to make the some of the most difficult tasks easier, like the discipline of public records retrieval. The creation of online databases for public records has allowed people to browse and obtain whatever public record they desire at the soonest possible time, just by performing a quick search in the websites of the entities that offer such services. By adopting an online approach to this procedure, countless requesting parties have acquired their desired records with utmost convenience.

Houston County Divorce Records

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