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Divorces have become the terminal solution commonly sought to relieve the tension, disappointments, and regrets that has surrounded a crumbling marriage for far too long. As hurtful as they are, the relief from this negativity has allowed divorcees to move on and let go. These are common experiences of around 6,646 marriages that are on queue for dissolution.

As with any other vital events, divorces are also documented via divorce records. Such documents contain every detail about a divorce, together with any related papers. Records of divorce serve as an official proof that a marriage has been legally severed upon the authorization of an arbiter in a Court of Law. Divorce records are useful for a handful of intentions such as name changing, particularly maiden name renewal, joint account dissolution for any financial accounts agreed upon during the marriage, background checks and as a requirement for the dissemination of a new marriage license.

Divorce records in the State of Texas, as per State regulations, are updated, disseminated and stockpiled at the county wherein they were filed and eventually granted. The county-based repository for these documents is the Office of the District Clerk.

As with any other county in Texas, the procurement of Howard County divorce records is open to the public, whenever they are requested, and as long as the apropos procedures are obeyed. The process usually begins with the issuance of an application letter or form to the Office of the District Clerk. The said application must contain details about the divorce record that is subject for searching, such as the complete names of both the husband and wife, along with the latter’s maiden name, the date the divorce was filed, the Court Case Number, if available, and the requestor’s complete and active mailing address and contact number. The outcome of the request is dependent upon the accuracy of the information provided. For every record or name searched, there will be a fee of $5.00, together with a copy fee of $1.00 per page. Submitted requests are typically processed within a few days to a few weeks after they are received, excluding postal delivery times.

Another option that is available is to procure copies of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Such documents can provide you with additional information about the divorce that you are looking for, along with the confirmation of its registration in the State of Texas. To request for them, simply indicate the important details about the divorce in an application form or letter. There is a $20.00 fee per record. You can obtain your entreated verification letter within 10-15 business days.

The Internet has become a very reliable asset in the continuous pursuit of convenience. This has been a core principle for the development of government or private online databases for public records. With information about a particular public record accessible within minutes after performing a quick search, one can settle urgent matters with accuracy and utmost expediency.

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