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Worsening marital relationships may be influenced by many factors, but they all share a universal set of sentiments that are primarily composed of grief, disappointment, and regret. Divorces have continued to be a commonly resorted solution for failing marriages in the United States, as evidenced by a nationwide rate of divorce of about fifty percent.

The documentation of vital events like divorces is an important cog in most statistical, demographic and legal intentions. The comprehensive account of a completed divorce proceeding is documented in a divorce record. The presence of a divorce record for a particular divorce means that it has been legalized after the decision of a Judge in a Court of Law. Records of divorce are sought for a handful of intentions, such as background checks, maiden name reinstatement, and in the case of individuals who wish to marry again, for the furnishing of a new marriage certificate.

Various regulations are observed per state with regards to the archiving, maintenance and dissemination of divorce records. In the State of Texas, records of divorce are stored and distributed at the county where it was filed and eventually granted. The county institution appointed for this task is the Office of the District Clerk. In addition, all divorce records in the State are open for public access and procurement, whenever they are requested.

In order to search for or acquire copies of Jones County divorce records, any requesting entity must first write a letter of application or complete an application form. The selected written mode of the application must contain essential details about a divorce, such as the full names of the divorcees, together with the wife’s maiden name, the Court Case Number if known, and the exact date the divorce was filed. A range of dates can also be provided if you are unsure of the exact date of the filing of the divorce. The completed forms of application are finally sent together with the corresponding processing fees and a return address to the Office of the District Clerk. It will take a few days to a few weeks for a request to be sorted out.

If you wish to verify a divorce’s registration in the State of Texas, you can order a copy of its divorce verification letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The said department holds copies of these verification letters for divorces registered from the year 1968 to the present. In order to request for copies of these letters, simply submit an application form with the following details obtained during the filing of the divorce: The couple’s full names and ages, the date it was filed, and the city or county where it took place. A $20.00 processing fee is charged per copy of a divorce verification letter, and will be processed within 10-15 business days after the request has been received by the said department.

Convenience is simply defined as doing things easily. This same premise is the inspiration for the creation of services that offer access and retrieval of public records. Be it from a government or private database, one can now determine the existence of particular record and order it within a few minutes, compared to the traditional way of doing things. If utilized to its fullest potential, these modern alternatives can definitely save good sums of money, time, and energy.

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