Emotionally Manipulative Women: Recognizing and Responding

20 Signs of Toxic and Manipulative Wife.

You may be manipulated in your marriage without realizing it. Manipulation is defined as the use of influence and intimate knowledge of another person’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses to emotionally exploit them in order to control them to serve another’s ends. A manipulative wife may be doing exactly that, and you are unable to recognize the signs of a toxic woman.

The more you are conscious of toxic, manipulative women’s behavior patterns, the better prepared you will be to protect yourself from one. When interpreting the signs below, keep in mind that most of these habits will not appear early in a relationship.

Toxic manipulative women show their true colors only when they realize you are emotionally invested in them. That is why I caution men not to become overly invested in a woman too quickly. To protect yourself from such toxicity, you must be able to police your emotions and recognize the warning signs when they appear.

Deception and insanity.

Gaslighting usually occurs progressively in an interaction; in fact, her behavior may appear innocuous at first. However, abusive patterns can persist over time, causing you to become confused, nervous, secluded, and depressed, as well as lose all sense of what is truly occurring. Then you’ll begin to rely more and more on the abusive woman to define your existence, creating a challenging situation to overcome. You’re being gaslighted if she does or says things that confuse you or make you feel insane. If you’re being gaslighted, you’ll question yourself, wonder if you’re being overly emotional, are becoming insecure in your role in the relationship, and find yourself apologizing for all that goes wrong. It’s dangerous psychologically.

Inability to see things from your point of view.

She says or does something that causes you emotional distress. You try to explain your feelings to her but are met with a blank look or irritation. She isn’t able to see things from your point of view. She isn’t someone who can comprehend why her actions had any effect on you, positive or negative.

She’s the type of woman who tells you, “I’m not responsible for your emotions.” If she cheats on you, she wants you to move on with your life. If she fails to show up for a scheduled date, she accuses you of being overbearing and controlling.

Epitome of hypocrisy.

“Do as I tell you, not as I do.” She has very high standards for fidelity, respect, and adoration. She will not return any of this to you after especially in the early phase. She will defraud, deceive, criticize, and manipulate. However, you are expected to remain flawless; otherwise, you will be replaced and deemed unstable.

Pathological deception

She’ll have a lie prepared to tell you before you even ask her a question about a subject or situation. When she is caught lying, she expresses regret or embarrassment. She simply attempts to lie her way out of the initial story. Her life is a lie, as are her feelings for you.

Focuses on your errors while ignoring her own.

This girl expects you to be perfect and to see her as perfect despite her bad behavior. Your errors will be pointed out to you. She will expect you to be sorry and to make the necessary changes. She, on the other hand, can do no wrong, and you should remember that.

Doesn’t understand the concept of respect.

Ordinary people comprehend fundamental concepts such as honesty and kindness. The toxic woman has a childlike understanding of not only receiving but also returning respect.

She will not respect your desire for alone time or time with family and friends. She doesn’t respect your boundaries, your career, or your desire to have some man cave time alone. You can tell her dinner is at 8:00 p.m., and she will arrive at 9:00 p.m. This woman is downright impolite, rude, and contemptible. Get as far away as you can!

Must be the center of attention.

This woman wants your undivided attention, and your entire life is supposed to gravitate around her. Her desire for your adoration is insatiable. In actuality, she has no identity without you constantly boosting her. It’s not even about you. Anyone can provide her with what she requires…attention. You’re only there because you were the first of a group of five people she found to do her bidding.

Assigns you false emotions.

She will brush aside your true feelings in favor of feelings that closely resemble what she is feeling. This was referred to as “projection” by psychologists and psychiatrists. Projection is a psychological defense strategy in which she ascribes characteristics in herself that she finds inappropriate to another person…you.

She may accuse you of wishing to have an affair or of being attracted to a good friend or ex. In truth, it is she who is having the affair, contemplating an affair, or is attracted to somebody other than you. She has projected her shame, guilt, or yearning for someone else onto you because she knows it’s wrong but is emotionally unable to face it in herself.

Your instincts are telling you to look into something.

She’s been trapped in enough lies that you’ve finally stopped believing anything she says. But you’ve also learned to doubt your own instincts, so you hire a private investigator and begin stalking her on social media.

Or maybe you should follow her home from work or drive by her house when you’re not together. You’re looking for answers to doubts and questions you can’t quite explain.

Everyone else believes she walks on water.

Everyone except you! But if you’re the only one questioning her principles, morals, and sincerity, something must be wrong with you. Here’s what you should keep in mind. You are the only person who has an intimate relationship with her. Nobody sees the side of her that you do.

Her relationships with those other people are superficial, which is why they don’t see what you do!

You begin to be afraid of expressing your emotions.

Normal couples argue to resolve issues, but toxic women make it clear that negative discussions, particularly those about their own bad behavior, will endanger the relationship. Any attempt at improving communication will almost always result in silent treatment. You apologize profusely and forgive quickly because you know she’ll lose interest in you if you don’t.

She disregards your boundaries.

Boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that a person establishes for herself in order to determine what are reasonable, safe, and allowable ways for other people to behave in her presence and how she will respond when someone exceeds those limits.

If she is repeatedly crossing your boundaries, is unwilling to discuss boundaries with you, or you notice she is guilt-tripping you for even setting boundaries, your relationship is likely to be very unhealthy and could escalate into abuse if her behaviors continue and escalate.

She mocks and dismisses you.

They label you as sensitive and insane if you bring this up. You may begin to feel resentful and upset, but you learn to push those feelings away in order to keep the peace. They divert your attention and erode your self-esteem. After previously lavishing you with undivided attention and admiration, they now appear completely bored with you.

They treat you with silence and are irritated that you want to continue the passionate relationship they have with you. You start to feel like a burden to them.

You’re supposed to read people’s minds.

She doesn’t share her wants or plans with you. If she gets angry because you didn’t do something she wanted but you didn’t know about, you’re responsible because you didn’t read his mind.

Women like this don’t communicate. They are naive romantics who believe that “if he truly loved me, he would know what I need.” You can’t win with her because they enjoy playing the victim, and what better way to do so than to leave you wondering what the hell they want and need from you?

You are anxious but are unsure why.

Anxiety will eventually result from bad relationships. If you suddenly experience unexplained anxiety, take a close look at the dynamics of your relationship with her.

If you’re in a relationship with a toxic woman, you’re probably constantly stressed out about the state of the relationship or over-analyzing the constant conflict. You probably don’t need anxiety medication, just a new relationship partner!

She has a troubled past.

Some toxic women have serious mental health issues that they always blame on someone else. If all of her ex-husbands or boyfriends s were jerks, her parents were neglectful, and all of her childhood and work friends were defective… You can bet his dysfunctional past isn’t about all those people and all about her, according to her.

This woman is so screwed up that you can bet she’ll screw up any relationship she enters, romantic or otherwise.

Loves conflict and stirring the pot.

She’s the drama queen! She is constantly meddling in other people’s affairs and conflicts. She is unhappy and does not want anyone else to be happy. She will be incompatible with your guy friends. She won’t have any friends because her meddling drove them away.

She is addicted to the adrenaline rush she gets from fighting. If there isn’t already a conflict, she’ll find a way to start one.

She’s madly in love!

Things move quickly when you first meet. She tells you how much she shares with you and how perfect you are for her. She changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship” after the first date.

She is constantly initiating communication and appears to be fascinated by you on all levels. You met her on July 3rd, and after only two weeks, she is already planning a Christmas getaway for the two of you. She is all about quickly pinning you down.

By Christmas, she’ll have lost interest, and you’ll be licking your emotional wounds for falling for her game, hook, line, and sinker.

Compares you to others.

They make comparisons between you and your ex-lovers, friends, family members, and your replacement. They make you feel special when idealizing by telling you how much better you are than these people. When they devalue you, they use comparisons to make you feel envious and inferior.

Your admirable qualities deteriorate into flaws.

They initially appeal to your deepest vanities and vulnerabilities, observing and mimicking precisely what they believe you want to hear. However, once you’re hooked, they begin to use these things against you. You spend an increasing amount of time attempting to prove your worth to the very person who once said you were perfect.

Toxic, Manipulative Women FAQs

Toxic manipulative women reveal their true colors only when they realize you are emotionally invested in them. That is why I caution women not to become overly invested in a man too quickly. To protect yourself from such toxicity, you must be able to police your emotions and recognize the warning signs when they appear. Best of luck with that!

When do toxic, manipulative women come to light?

Toxic manipulative women emerge once you become emotionally involved with them. You can only protect yourself from their toxic manipulation if you understand your emotions. Men should be cautious when dating and avoid rushing into relationships.

Is she deceiving me?

You are definitely being gaslighted if you are perplexed by what she says and does, feel as if you are going insane, and find yourself apologizing to make things right. In this situation, you will experience self-doubt, question whether your emotions are too strong, and feel insecure in your relationship. Before it’s too late, recognize that gaslighting causes psychological illness.

Is she a habitual liar?

She is a pathological liar if she tells you lies before you finish asking her a question about his whereabouts, does not return your call, or fails to appear at a scheduled event. If you catch her lying, she will not show remorse for his error; instead, she will try to get out of the situation by telling more lies.

Why does she accuse me of an affair?

She accuses you of wanting to have an affair because she herself may be having one. She might also accuse you of being attracted to someone while she is attracted to someone else. This is known as projection. Psychologists and psychiatrists define it as a psychological defense mechanism in which a person attributes to another person characteristics that she finds unacceptable in herself.

Why am I afraid to express my emotions in his presence?

If you are afraid to express your feelings around her, you may be dealing with a toxic woman. Toxic women avoid what they refer to as negative conversations, especially when they involve their bad behavior. When you try to tell her how she hurt you when she does something wrong, you only get the silent treatment. In the end, it will be you who apologizes to her in order to keep your relationship normal.

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