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Negotiated Divorce is a consultive online service designed exclusively for couples in Texas who want to manage their own divorce without expensive lawyers and courtroom drama. We ask the questions, you provide the answers, we compile the paperwork, and you start your new life. Save thousands of dollars and begin the process below.

Negotiated Divorce was conceived and created by a team of divorce professionals representing each of the three major disciplines: law, psychology, and finance. With over 100 years of combined experience and having helped thousands of couples divorce successfully, our team understands that every divorce is unique, and that there is no “one size fits all” solution to everyone’s divorce. Our team, therefore, is dedicated to helping couples reach fair, customized agreements in a civil manner—all at an affordable cost. And our team has the experience to make that goal possible. Team members have presented their work at national and international conferences, published in professional journals, and served in professional leadership positions, and their one-of-a-kind divorce education material has been sold in over 25 countries. The culmination of all their work is Negotiated Divorce – a place for couples who want to manage their own unique divorce circumstances rather than relying upon expensive lawyers and enduring a difficult court process.

A quick divorce saves you time and money

Not every divorce is a long, expensive process. In many cases, you and your spouse can reach an agreement on the financial issues and how to best deal with your children and divorce. You retain control of your own lives and how your marriage ends, not some randomly assigned judge who barely knows you or your family.

According to the Houston Divorce Counsel website, in a traditional divorce, it takes up to a year – or longer – to arrive at a settlement. Paying high hourly fees for a divorce lawyer should be a thing of the past. It’s outdated. It’s inefficient. It was too expensive. And most important of all, it just doesn’t make sense.

Get through the Texas divorce process faster. You will reduce time and stress, protect your children, and save thousands of dollars in legal fees – helping you and your spouse maximize your assets.

Negotiated Divorce is about YOU, not just the forms.

  • We coach you about how to talk to your spouse and children about divorce in a way that sets the right tone for productive negotiations.
  • We help you gather the information you need and organize it in a way that automatically generates the documents you need.
  • We provide multimedia educational materials to teach you what you need to know to make smart decisions about dividing your estate and making arrangements for your children.
  • One of our divorce professionals does an Assured Review of your decree before we send it to you.
  • And if the going gets tough, we offer mediation services – live divorce professionals who work with you and your spouse to help you make agreements that work for you.

Most online divorce sites are intended primarily for couples who have few assets and no children — anything more complex is beyond their capacity: they take your money, give you some papers, and send you on your way. But Negotiated Divorce is not like most sites. From the relatively simple circumstance to the more complex, Negotiated Divorce has the tools to help you create a customized divorce agreement.

Our unique process provides you with all the resources to complete your divorce online, putting you in control and saving you time and money.

Negotiated Divorce Provides:

  • One Low Price $299
  • All documents & divorce forms
  • Step by step instructions
  • Divorce education & mediation services
  • Assured Review of your divorce decree

Life Has its Ups and Downs

And divorce is definitely a down that can happen to anyone and that many people face. Divorce is mostly seen as a big, expensive, exhausting mess. On average, the amount spent on legal fees during a divorce can cost anything between $15,000 and $30,000, and high-conflict divorces are even more expensive. When people are faced with the decision to go through a divorce, they are not only taking emotional and spiritual blows, but also significant financial damage that can be quite daunting.

The secret is out and it has the potential of changing the way we see divorces forever. Negotiated Divorce will provide you with the negotiation and mediation techniques that you will need so that you can be prepared to discuss with your partner the terms of the divorce in a friendly, non-conflictive way. This perfect guide to a friendly and successful divorce has all the do’s and don’ts of negotiation so that even without an attorney, the subject of money does not become a battleground between you and your spouse.

Contested Divorce in Texas

After years of living together, breaking up can be pretty hard for you and your spouse. It does not matter what the reason for the break up is, loss of spark in the marriage, adultery, or whatever. Things can become truly complicated if you have children, especially young ones who cannot understand why their parents are breaking up. This is the time when you truly need the advice and support of a third party like a qualified divorce lawyer, to tide things over the rough patch in your life. When it comes to breaking up with your spouse and how to file for divorce, hire a truly compassionate, understanding, experienced, and qualified divorce attorney.

Someone who has handled scores of divorce cases might be well-versed and experienced enough in winning the legal case in your favor. It will not matter how complicated your case is. Things can get rather nasty if a lot of money and property is involved. Your spouse may want a huge share of everything, property, money, jewelry, or whatever. He or she may ask for the sole custody of your child or children too.

By hiring a highly qualified and well-experienced attorney, you enjoy better chances of winning the case in your favor. Since your lawyer will not know what you want unless you tell him or her, make it a point to talk to him frankly and openly. Do you want full custody of your children? Or would you prefer certain visitation rights? All that matters is what you truly want. Do not worry about what the lawyer or others might think of your requests, even if you want more than 50 percent of the total assets as a divorce settlement.

We are getting a lot of calls from people looking for an attorney. If you’re in the Austin area and looking for a divorce attorney, here is a great post:   Top 10 Best Austin Divorce Lawyers.

A divorce can be pretty painful. The loss of your partner means you need to move on with your life, perhaps, with the hope of finding a new and more compatible partner. So think hard about what you want and express it openly to your divorce lawyer. Some people think that the lawyer is merely there to file the legal suit and win the legal case in their favor. But in truth, the divorce attorney plays a number of other roles too.

He is the rock to rely upon during the highly emotional period. Many divorce lawyers support their clients emotionally, morally, and even psychologically during the rough patch in their lives. When it comes to breaking up with your spouse and how to file for divorce, if you are not sure of what you want out of the divorce, get valuable advice from your divorce lawyer. But in order to do so, you need to find a lawyer who is not merely qualified, and experienced with the right credentials to give you the best shot at winning your case but who is also known for his compassionate or understanding nature.

By talking to the lawyers, you will be able to gauge whether or not they can give you the understanding or compassion you need to tide things over during this very rough patch in your life.

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