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The finest marriages are forged in love, trust, and commitment by the smith that is fate. However, this isn’t always the case. There are people who entrusted such foundations to the wrong person or has been dinted over the years due to a number of influences. On a daily basis, this is experienced by 6,646 marriages that yield to a divorce in the United States.

Divorces and the documents they yield can be used for a variety of legal, statistical and socio-economic intentions. They contain everything one needs to know about what happened in a particular couple’s marriage dissolution and all documents related to it. Its main function is to convey information about the legality of a couple’s undoing of vows after a Judge in a Court of Law approves it. A good portion of requests for divorce records come from individuals who wish to marry again, for the purpose of background checking and as a requirement for the dispensation of a new marriage license. Additionally, divorce records are also used for procedures such as the renewal of a woman’s maiden name in all government-issued documents, and the termination of a joint financial account established during the marriage.

Across the country, different approaches are undertaken by different states with regards to the maintenance and distribution of divorce records and other public documents. As per Texas State Laws, divorce records are distributed on a county level via the various Offices of the District Clerk as the repository for such documents.

To proceed with the process of getting a hold of Smith County divorce records, you must first file a request to the office of the District Clerk. Be sure to include basic and important details about the divorce you are pursuing, such as the complete names of the involved parties, along with the woman’s maiden name, the court case number, if known or available, and the completion date or a specific range of dates wherein the divorce was filed in the request. The online approach in searching for such records is also available in the official website of the Office of the District Clerk. Mail the completed forms, along with your complete personal mailing and contact details and the required search fee of $5.00 and a $1.00 copy fee per page to the abovementioned office. Requests will be processed within a few days to weeks.

The Texas Department of State Health Services offers a way to verify the existence of a certain divorce in the State of Texas by accepting requests for copies of divorce verification letters. Simply send your request that contains important details about the divorce you are seeking, together with the $20.00 imposed fee. You will receive results within 10-15 business days after your request has been received by the said department.

The electronic age takes pride in the concept of convenience. A good example for this is the arrival of public records in the Internet as a way to cater more requests. Be it from government agencies or online records retrieval solutions, you can be assured of instantaneous results just by pulling a quick search in their respective databases. Modern alternatives such as these can definitely save generous amounts of time, effort and cash if utilized to their full potential.

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