The legal end of a marriage and its formalities are best understood by an attorney. In the Lone Star State, a case may be taken forward with or without any legal help. However, a legal representative’s consultation helps to minimize the complexities of the case. Texas divorce lawyer can address many issues that may arise during the process of ending a relationship like residency requirement, mediation, property distribution, debt division, alimony, child custody and support, annulment, etc. They can explain what actions to be taken and the best way to accomplish the objectives during the process.

Texas is the second most populated and extensive state in the US. Each city has specific laws of divorce and legal advisor to help their clients in those cities. There are a number of firms as well that specialize in family laws and provide efficient service.

Choosing a Competent Lawyer

When a couple wants to end a relationship, they should always consult a good and experienced attorney. A good advisor is impertinent for fighting a case. He/she can understand the complications of the case and has the knowledge of all the legal rights that will act in the best interest of the parties in court. Thus, one should hire an expert in this field to achieve success at the earliest.

Factors Taken into Consideration While Choosing your Legal Advisor

  • Referral – The couple should take reference from family or friends or any divorced couple.
  • Credentials – The experience, background, and track record of the person must be checked.
  • Comfort level – Analyze the comfort level while discussing the personal details. The attorney must be interested in solving the problem.
  • Cost of service – The couple should check the fee structure and understand each component of the fees charged, so that no hidden costs are involved. Also, the amount charged should be affordable.

Types of Texas Divorce that a Lawyer can Fight

  • Uncontested – Uncontested is one of the most popular types of option, where both the parties come to a mutual agreement (with or without the help of lawyers/mediators, consultants) on all concerned issues surrounding the end of marriage.
  • Contested – This is the type of option where the parties are not in agreement. In this case, the court makes the final decisions on all issues a that are set for a trial through negotiation.
  • Mediation – This is an alternative method of litigation and is quite inexpensive. Here, a mediator and the parties ending the relationship assemble to discuss the disputed topics and reach a mutual settlement agreement. The mediator is a person who takes a neutral stride between the parties and never supports biased decision.
  • Collaborative law – One of the most popular options availed in Texas. Both the parties decide not to take any contested issues in court and agree on settlement. This is a friendly and respectable method of reaching a consensus without hurting anyone’s feelings.
  • Litigation – In litigation, the party decisions are made in court by a judge, or sometimes a jury. Litigation does provide resolution for people who cannot find a way to settle their differences any other way and court is the only route to settle down the matters. This is an expensive option of ending a relationship.

Cost or Fee of a Texas Divorce Lawyer

Texas attorneys charge different fees in different type of cases. The amount of fees majorly depends on the experience in the particular field. They may charge an hourly or a retainer fee. The cost may be $500 – $1500 per hour. He/she may charge $2500-$3500 per hour in total for a contested case. However, for an uncontested break-up, the charges are much lower.

Name and Address of Law Firms

Listed below are the names and addresses of some of the reputed law firms in Texas that will assist you with your case proceedings.

Name: Dallas Personal Injury and Business Law Firm
Polewski & Associates
Address: Highland Park Place
4514 Cole Avenue, Suite 600
Dallas, Texas 75205

Name:Texas Parole Representation Lawyer
Stouwie & Mayo, PLLC
Address: 3238 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, Texas 78213

Name:Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Antonio, Texas
The Law Offices of LaHood & Del Cueto
Address: 1924 North Main Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78212

Name:Texas Family Law, Divorce, & Child Custody Lawyer
Len Conner & Associates, P.C.
Address: 5201 North O’Connor Boulevard
5th Floor
Irving, Texas 75039

Steps to Finalize an Attorney

  • Search for all the lawyers in the city based on the type of the case
  • Inquire about their experience and the field of specialization
  • Inquire about the fees and decide if it is affordable or not
  • Make an appointment and meet each one of them and share the details of your case from personal to all other issues of the marriage
  • Take the final decision and hire your attorney if he/she is eligible.
  • If the person is not competent enough to fight your case, then restart your search options.

A Texas divorce lawyer can help to complete the process in view of the rights and interests of both spouses. It is to be remembered that without his help, the chances of errors are much higher that could cost in legal penalties. Also, an incompetent and unqualified advisor can very easily ruin a case by failing to reach the objective and charging a hefty amount as fees. Thus, choosing a good and experienced attorney is a critical, but important step.