What is a Texas Do-It-Yourself Divorce?

One way to look at divorce is as a series of decisions that you and your spouse have to make. You decide, for example, who will stay in the home you shared and who will leave; how you will handle paying the bills in two households; and how you will divide your assets. But beneath all of these big-picture topics lie thousands of choices you make that are just as important. Each of these decisions, thoughtfully considered, builds upon your previous choices until you have completed your divorce. Begin your divorce process by Log Rolling Your Way To Workable Agreements, such as the basic, more simple decisions first.

Kitchen Table Divorce

The kitchen table model is named for the place where many couples sit down to discuss serious topics like divorce. This method of decision-making involves just two people – you and your spouse. It’s the simplest and least expensive way to get a divorce IF you and your spouse can make it work.  But if each spouse doesn’t have all the facts about marital property rights and obligations, as well as reliable information about their assets and debts, trying to settle a divorce using the kitchen table method may make matters worse. The Negotiated Divorce system for agreeing to the terms of your divorce gives you and your spouse the information you need to bypass the problems that often arise when spouses try to settle the terms of their own divorces.  We help you make smart, workable settlements that save you time, money and heartache now and well into the future.

Private Mediation (Without Individual Lawyers)

Mediation is assisted in settlement negotiation. A divorce mediator is someone who is knowledgeable about family law and is specially trained to be neutral and help couples come to agreements. A mediator will not make a decision for you; instead, he or she will help you identify what’s most important to you; generate and evaluate options, and come up with the best plan for your family by agreement.


The litigation model is what most people would call a “traditional” divorce process. The parties and their lawyers assume from the beginning of the case that a judge or jury will hear the case and decide the outcome of the parties’ divorce. The case proceeds according to the law and the rules that apply in the courtroom.

 Comparing Your Options

Negotiated Divorce Kitchen Table Mediation Litigation
Handle your Divorce on Your Schedule X
Stay in Control X
Know Your Rights X X
Discover Creative Solutions X
Includes Legal Documents X X
Known, Fixed Fee X X X
Estimated Cost Starts at $299 Minimal $3,000+ $20,000+


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