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Divorce can devastate your finances. The legal system is based on hourly billing and it escalates the conflict. Our team helps divorcing couples make grounded decisions and find the middle ground.

Let us know how to assist you by choosing one of our divorce services below:

Uncontested Divorce – Legal Representation

Our premier product is the “no-bickering” divorce. It saves time, reduces legal fees and stress, and protects your children from the toxic after-effects of a contentious divorce. When retained, we represent you or your spouse, but not both. We can meet with an unrepresented spouse if he or she is self-represented, but it must be clear that we cannot represent spouses who have competing interests.

The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Rather than going through a contentious court battle, proceeding with an uncontested divorce is by far the simplest, smartest and least expensive way to end your marriage. It’s also the most intelligent. You’ll spend less money on legal fees, less time on discovery and hidden assets, and more time focusing on more productive issues like insurance and tax implications associated with divorce, estate planning, and other pertinent issues.

We can offer quality at an affordable price because this is what our law firm is designed to do. We carefully designed a model that shows us to provide effective, low-cost divorce and family law services. Our services are designed to work for just about everyone and every case — no matter how complex. Our law firm is led by a team of attorneys with extensive legal experience. Our founder established this firm because he believed that quality family law services do not have to be expensive.

Qualifying for Flat Rate, Uncontested Divorce Help

6 Questions, 6 Answers Tell You if You Qualify for Our Mass. Divorce Help

Our lawyers are changing how divorce happens. We do this by keeping our clients out of court, while still finding a fair and amicable way to end their marriages. But not everybody qualifies. A quick review of the questions and answers below will help you determine whether or not our program is for you:

Q: What is your flat rate program and how does it work?

We offer unbundled (a la carte) services. We limit the representation to only a specific matter or issue while you manage the remaining aspects of your case. You may choose for us to assist you in the preparation of court pleadings, but not go to court, or you may choose to have us represent you throughout the process — it’s up to you! With a full menu of services and fees, we can assist you with a part, if not all, of your legal divorce matter. We enter into an agreement defining what tasks we will be responsible for and what tasks you will be responsible for.

Q: How does the Texas Probate & Family Court view this program?

The courts like it because it levels the playing field in giving each litigant the opportunity to secure legal services. With limited assistance representation, you can pick and choose when you want an attorney and when you want to handle things on your own. It allows you to order a la carte versus having to get the entire meal. Anybody can pursue limited assistance representation, but we focus on uncontested divorces. Accordingly, you can only qualify if you and your spouse agree on all the terms of the divorce. This means agreeing on every aspect of the issues of child support and alimony, custody and parenting, property division, allocation of debt, health insurance issues, and the details of your Separation Agreement.

Q: How are the legal fees determined?

We have set flat rates based on the services you choose. Every case is different, and although our prices are standard, it is very hard to know how much work a client will either need or want. Best of all, our initial consultations are free — with no obligation. Call to set-up a meeting with any of our attorneys at any of our local Massachusetts law offices.

Q: Where in Texas is this divorce help available?

Our service is available in all 351 towns and cities in Texas, in each of the Texas Probate and Family Courts, and before every family court judge in the State.

Q: What if I choose to handle my own divorce case?

If you insist on representing yourself, the judge will not (and cannot) help you or give you any special consideration. The law insists that the judge remains impartial in hearing your case. If you choose to represent yourself, you are expected to learn the relevant law and procedure. If you are not confident in your ability to represent yourself, you should hire an attorney.

Benefits of flat rate divorce representation in Texas

There is no need to overpay for Texas divorce services. As it is, divorce is a painful process and the outdated divorce model continues to make it worse. A quick divorce saves you time and money.

In a traditional divorce, it takes up to a year — or longer — to arrive at a settlement. Paying high hourly fees for a divorce lawyer should be a thing of the past. It’s outdated. It’s inefficient. It’s too expensive. And most important of all, it just doesn’t make sense.

Low divorce costs and flat fees since 2005

When you divorce in Texas, there are two paths you can choose — the traditional approach of courtroom litigation, or the “No Bickering” Divorce — what we call the common sense approach. We charge one low rate, not on an hourly basis. Our goal is to help you find your way to a middle-ground position that is acceptable to both you and your spouse. Once that position is agreed on, you move to the next issue.

A better way to end your marriage…

Working with your spouse — with the eye toward reaching an agreement — puts you and your spouse on the same team to resolve the remaining issues before you. Learn more by calling or contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.