Waller County Divorce Records

The Courthouses in Waller, Texas have in possession all the court records including the Waller County divorce records. They receive all the application papers for the dissolution of marriages. The court shall moderate and shall make a final judgment on the divorce of two individuals. The terms shall be established and must be followed by both parties. The proceedings are impartially executed by adhering to the Texas Family Laws and Statutes. The residents should not feel reluctant to do the request because it is their right to know certain information for as long as the application is done legally.

A divorce record is a vital report but is not retrievable at the county clerk’s office unlike those for birth, death, and marriage. Thus, you should not be confused this time as to which government agency you should go to for inquiries. Hence, to get the search started you need to ask for a copy of the records request form. Make sure that you get the form with the official seal of the District Clerk of Court’s office. The Clerk of Court is the official point person in regards to the acquisition of court records including the divorce reports.

At this point, the local government offers the distribution of reports via offline and online. This offline approach means going through the manual process. In other words, an applicant will have to go through the paper works before the results are obtained. Payment should not go beyond $30.00 per copy. However, fees for requesting a certified copy would cost more than the ordinary ones which are commonly used for verification purposes only. However, rates could have changed as per management decision. Thus, it would be better to keep in touch with the office concerned for updates.

More so, an offline method requires that you present some personal documents as a requesting party. The reason for this would be that you prove that you are a legitimate citizen living in Waller, Texas. If you are not, then your application will automatically be rejected. These personal documents could include a driver’s license, County I.D., Social Security Card, Voter’s Registration Card, Health Insurance Card and other recognized proofs that you are a legal resident in the said county.

On the other hand, the online alternative lets you do the work on the computer where the divorce documents have been uploaded. So, you only need to supply the complete names of the divorcees, date, and place of divorce and other basic details. The case number is very important. If you don’t know it, then you will have to pay the office for having them look it up for you. These days, the search even becomes a piece-of-cake because it can be privately performed by anyone using the Internet. This implies that you just have to find a trusted website which provides the type of legal documents. You just have to pay for it and be able to acquire it in just a few clicks. It is completely safe because you can do it on your own at the comfort of your home.

Waller County Divorce Records

The District Clerk of Court is tasked to do the following services:

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