Wichita County Divorce Records

Wichita District Courts accommodate all the cases including that of Wichita County divorce records. They are coordinated by the Wichita District Clerk of Court who updates and compiles all the final legal records that had been through the court proceedings. The clerk has been very involved in the paper works since a divorce case is filed before the court. From thereon, the clerk knows how the case has progressed until the final decision by the officiating judge is reached. So, the clerk’s office is the main resource when the government needs court-related records or when the public requests to view the same reports.

A divorce document holds data on the names of the former spouses, child custody details, date and place where the dissolution was granted and other related information. However, all these details cannot be acquired by just anybody unless of course if you are the owner of the record. But, if you have a valid reason to perform the search, then you can appeal it before the court with the legal assistance of your attorney. Only your lawyer will have the authority to apply before the court as per mandated by the constitution in Texas.

Thus, your reason for the retrievable of such record that is not yours must be concrete and credible in order for you to convince the judge. Otherwise, it will just be rejected. Note that you will have to accept whatever the response of the judge is or else you will be charged for contempt. For instance, the judge may just allow you to view the basic information for the purpose of only verifying as to whether or not a record on divorce has indeed been accounted. You must understand that there are certain technicalities that they follow that govern their overall duties and responsibilities.

Everyone has indeed been warranted to order a copy of any court records. However, record owners also have the right to privacy. The court cannot issue an order that will divulge confidential information about the divorce. The ex-spouses could request for the documents to be sealed from public viewing. Hence, you have to follow the imposed guidelines if you are to obtain some valuable information that you can use for whatever legal purposes. The cost should not go beyond $25.00 per copy of the report. But, to be sure it is advised that you contact the clerk’s office to ask for the current fees.

So, you can get the search going by either calling the office or visiting in person to ask for an official copy of the records request form. The form must be filled out completely in order for the office personnel to proceed with the search. Also, you must prepare all your personal documents which will support your eligibility to conduct the search. It is a manual process, thus, results could take days before you obtain the data. Fortunately, there is now a short-cut approach to getting this type of information. It is with the aid of computers and the Internet where local divorce records can be downloaded even at home. This is the modern method which brings efficient records retrieval solution to everybody.

Wichita County Vital Records

The District Clerk of Court is appointed to be the primary in-charge in managing the following services:

Wichita County Divorce Decree

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