Atacosa County Divorce Records

It is undeniable that the word divorce conjures negative images and bad thoughts. Divorce is the end of a marriage, the severing of a bond between two people that was once there and formed because of mutual love, respect, trust, and commitment with each other. What was once a story akin to a fairy tale and with the expected ‘and they live happily ever after’ had instead met a figurative stone wall that the couple could not pass unless they go their separate ways. It is, however, equally undeniable that over the past few years, the divorce rate in the United States had gone up. Three out of every five marriages in the United States would end in divorce as the fairy tale collapses and real world sets in.

There are many reasons for a marriage to fail. Irreconcilable difference, conflicting view points, and the general falling out of love with each other are just a few reasons for a marriage to come under intense pressure. With the right set of circumstances, a marriage would fall apart and divorce would follow. It is undeniable, however, that just because a party to a marriage had decided to seek his or her own path, does not mean that he or she is fated to live a life alone.

A divorced person sometimes finds a new spark that may end in marriage, but he or she would be well advised to confirm the existence of the divorce that had ended his or her previous marriage first. It provides security not only for the former party to the marriage, but also for his or her new spouse. Divorce records are maintained not only because they are mandated to be kept by law, but also for practical reasons including as a means to ascertain that the substantial and procedural due process required by law had been complied with.

Atacosa County was founded in the year 1856. As a county in Texas, the search for public documents in Atacosa County is governed by the Texas Public Information Act. Under this act, all public records, of which, divorce records are a part of, are presumed to be available for the public, with some exemptions. The same statute provides for the procedure that one has to follow in order to acquire a certified copy of the divorce records from the district clerk of the county. Under the Texas Public Information Act, a person who desires to obtain a certified copy of the divorce records must first write a request for the same and send it to the office that has custody of the records, which, in the case of divorce records, are the district clerks of the county where the divorce was granted. The more information that could be provided by the searcher regarding the divorce, the faster and easier would it is for the district clerk to locate the records. It is important to note that any fees required from the district clerk should be paid within ten days after the receipt order was sent, otherwise, the request for the records would be considered to have been automatically withdrawn.

In the state of Texas, the Texas Department of State Health Services, while unable to provide certified copies of any divorce records, could provide verification of the existence of a divorce. This costs twenty dollars and may take anywhere between ten to fifteen days to complete. The procedure to obtain such verification begins with either through the internet and with the use of a credit card, or through a downloadable form from the website of the Department of State Health Services.

Lastly, it is also possible to conduct the search online. The World Wide Web is abound with specialized online databases that are easy to use even for a beginner. These online databases require almost no payment from the people using them. In addition, their results are almost instantaneous and a searcher need not leave the comfort of his or her own home in order to gather the information.

Atacosa County Divorce Records

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