Do you share custody of your child (ren), and one of you wants to move out of state and take the child(ren)?

Relocation is often complex and an emotionally draining situation, especially when custody of a child is involved. Navigating the laws surrounding child custody and child support can be difficult at times, especially if you or a co-parent are considering relocating. If your child is covered by a child custody order and you want to move out of the county or state with him or her, you will need approval from the family court. If your child’s other parent is trying to relocate, you may be entitled to challenge the move-away in court.

In today’s tough economy, employment is one of the major reasons parents may desire to relocate. Maybe you have been offered a job elsewhere. Maybe your current employer wants to transfer you out of state. Or maybe your current spouse needs to move for a job. Our attorneys will carefully advise you on the details of your specific situation, guide you through the process, and advocate on your behalf in any necessary court proceedings.

Of course, one parent’s reasons for moving must be balanced with the other parent’s right to see his or her child. If you are concerned about a relocation request by your child’s other parent, we can counsel you on your rights and help you pursue a favorable outcome.

The best interests of the child are paramount in this case, just as they are with regard to the establishing of a parenting plan and time sharing schedule. But the best interests of the child include the right to have meaningful contact with both parents and to receive the best possible upbringing both parents provide.

If a primary residential parent moves without complying with the statutory requirements, that party could be held in contempt of court and could be ordered to immediately return the child(ren) to the jurisdiction.

There will often be many factors to consider, and it is important that all necessary procedures and requirements are followed so as not to jeopardize your rights or the welfare of your child.

As family law specialists we have the experience and knowledge you need to address all child custody matters.

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