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There is one undeniable fact that surrounds most divorces: They all hurt. There are many reasons as to why marriages come to an end – from the mere realization that you don’t love each other anymore to bouts of domestic violence. However, divorces also open doors towards recovery and freedom from the baggage that is the dysfunctional marriage. Roughly half the celebrated marriages in the United States gets queued up for a divorce. These vital events are fundamental requirements in a handful of legal intentions.

The complete coverage of the entire divorce proceeding is inscribed within documents called divorce records. The main purpose of these documents is to prove that a marriage has been dissolved upon the approval of a judge in a Court of Law. Divorce records are sought due to a variety of intentions, such as background checks and the issuance of a new marriage license in the case of people who wish to give marriage another chance, the renewal of a woman’s maiden name in government-sanctioned documents, such as drivers’ and professional licenses, among others.

Entities tasked by the government with the updating, maintenance, and the security of divorce and other public records differ from state to state. Texas divorce records are archived on a county level by means of the offices of the District Clerks. Furthermore, unrestricted access is granted to the public, so long as the appropriate procedures are adhered upon, and the intentions clearly stated.

Bexar County divorce records can be requested via the office of the District Clerk after providing the necessary details needed for the search efforts, such as the complete names of the people involved in the divorce, including the wife’s maiden name, the county the divorce was filed, the exact date or a range of dates wherein the divorce was filed and eventually granted, and the court case number, if obtainable. You must also include your personal, contact and mailing information for identification purposes. Fees for this service include a $5.00 searching fee, and a copy fee of $1.00 per page, for both certified and uncertified copies. The processing of requests will depend on the number of requests the office of the District Clerk is receiving. Verification letters for divorce are also available from the Texas Department of State Health Services to confirm the registration of the divorce you’re seeking in the State of Texas. To appeal for a copy of divorce verification letters in the state, simply indicate the same basic information as if filing a request for a copy of a divorce record. These documents cost around $20.00 and will be mailed to your doorstep within 10-15 working days.

As described above, the importance of divorce records in the legal process and background checks is constantly growing. It is the very reason why such documents are now uploaded to the Internet for maximum expediency. Using the services of entities that provide records search and recovery, one can achieve the goal of obtaining such vital records in a matter of minutes, without ever compromising quality. As a result, generous amounts of cash, effort and time can be saved.

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