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Marriage is a continuous challenge as much as it is an important milestone in one’s life. It is a challenge because marriages erode over time, and the couple must be in constant pursuit of ways to reinvent and rekindle the love, trust, and commitment. This wearing down, however, if left unattended, can rapidly progress if a couple fails to uphold their vows. This attrition is always associated with a cocktail of negative emotions and commonly concludes in a divorce. These events are true in almost half of the registered marriages in the United States.

An entire divorce proceeding is recorded in documents called divorce records. They are then archived, protected and distributed for a number of reasons in duly appointed repositories. In the State of Texas, divorce records are stored and disseminated per county with the help of the Office of the District Clerk.

As previously mentioned, divorce records have a great deal of purposes because of the amount of information they have in them. In addition, the existence of a divorce record can affirm the legality of the marriage dissolution after the approval from a Judge in a Court of Law. The most common reasons for obtaining such records include background history checks, maiden name reinstatement, and in the case of individuals who wish to remarry, obtaining new marriage licenses.

For you to be able to acquire a copy of Ector County divorce records, first accomplish an application form or letter that must contain important information about a certain divorce. The pieces of information typically required for a successful search are the names of the husband and the wife, together with the wife’s maiden name, the date they filed the divorce, and the Court Case Number. In addition, you must cite your intentions for procuring such documents, an active contact number, and an address that will be used for delivering your requested record. Send these requirements, along with the levied processing fees to the Office of the District Clerk. You can obtain your requested copy within a few days to a few weeks. Access and acquisition of divorce records in the State of Texas is open to the general public, whenever they are requested.

If you are looking to confirm a certain divorce’s registration in the State of Texas, you can appeal for a copy of its corresponding verification letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services. This is done by submitting an application form containing the following details that were tallied on the day the divorce was filed: The full names of the parties involved, including the wife’s maiden name, their ages, birth dates, and the city or county in which it all took place. A processing fee of $20.00 must be enclosed together with the application form upon submission. Requests are typically processed with 10-15 working days.

A recent addition to the repertoire of methods concerning public records retrieval is the development of online approaches by different government and private entities. Such means aims to introduce a more convenient way in accessing and acquiring any desired record by delivering results at the soonest possible time for requesters who need them for many a number of purposes.

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