Hill County Divorce Records

Not every marriage ends with a happily ever after. The divorce rate in the United States had, over the past few years, going up, and now, three out of every five marriages in the United States are likely to end with divorce. There are many reasons why the bond of marriage, founded upon love, trust, commitment, and often times a fairy tale story for both parties involved, fail. Infidelity, trust issues, disappointment, disillusionment, and changing priorities are but a few reasons for that bond to fail and the most couple would see no further reason to live under the shade of a partnership that was not working out for them.

Divorce as a proceeding restores the capacity to marry off both parties in an already dissolved marriage to be restored. The capacity to marry of a person is usually lost when he or she gets married, and without this capacity, it would become illegal for a person to get married to another. Some parties who had undergone the long and arduous process of divorce, however, find second chances though often times, it was not with their former partners, but with new people. These relationships do end up with another marriage bond.

It is advisable, however, for the would-be spouse who seeks to get married to another party who had already undergone divorce to confirm the capacity of their would-be groom or spouse. This is one of the practical reasons why divorce records exist in the first place. In addition, the maintenance of such records are mandated by law not only to provide proof of the divorce, but also as a means to ensure that the due process requirements of the law in the granting of the divorce had been complied with.

Hill County was founded in the year 1853, and their District Clerk Office has records of divorces granted in the county going back to the year 1968. These records are considered to be public records and under the Texas Public Information Act, any and all public record and documents are considered available to the public.

The relatively easy procedure to obtain certified copies of the divorce records in Hill County begins with writing the concerned government office, in this case, the Hill County District Clerk, a request for the same. The more information regarding the divorce that could be provided, the easier and more accurate the search of the district clerk would be. It is important to note that the most important information that should be provided include the names and the date when the divorce was granted. It is equally important to note that failure to respond to the fees required by the district clerk within the ten day period after the receipt was printed would result to an automatic withdrawal of the request.

In Texas, state government could not provide certified copies of divorce records, but they could provide verification as to the existence of a divorce. Divorce verifications are requested either through the internet with the use of a credit card, or through mail using a filled out form available at the website of the Texas Department of State Health. This verification costs twenty dollars and could take anywhere between ten to fifteen days to complete.

Lastly, it is also possible for the would-be bride or would-be groom to secure a copy of the divorce records through the World Wide Web. Specialized online databases abound online, offering services in procuring not only records of divorce but also almost anything under the sun. Using such online databases is easy, with results available almost instantaneously. In addition, they are cheap, often actually free, without the searcher leaving the comforts of his or her home or falling in line.

Hill County Divorce Records

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