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Marriages may erode over time, but people do not suddenly arrive at a decision to have a divorce. They can still be rekindled with whatever means to fulfill marital demands. On the other hand, a failing marriage would still have to experience a series of factors and stages, before finally arriving at a decision to succumb to a divorce. This is a common experience for almost half of the recorded marriages in the United States.

Records of divorce are regularly sought for different intentions. This is due to the fact that divorce records are comprehensive documentation of a divorce proceeding, and are concrete proofs that divorce has taken place, and that it was granted by an arbiter in a Court of Law. Such purposes are vital for intentions such as the renewal of maiden names, settling financial accounts, background history checks, and marriage license issuance, in the situation of remarrying individuals.

Specific set of rules are observed in every state when it comes to the dissemination, protection and storage of divorce and other public records. The State of Texas observes a county-based approach in obtaining copies of divorce records by imploring the aid of all Offices of the District Clerk within its jurisdiction.

Everyone is given the liberty to obtain divorce records in Texas, for as long as the appropriate procedures are adhered upon. If you want to get copies of Liberty County divorce records from the Office of the District Clerk, you must first put your intentions in writing via an application form or letter. Details about a divorce that you want to be searched by the said office, such as the names of the involved persons, inclusive of the wife’ maiden name, the date the divorce was filed, and the Court Case Number, must also be contained within this request. The written applications, the specified processing fees, and a return address are then sent to the Office of the District Clerk for processing. Individual requests are processed within a few days to a few weeks.

The option of procuring verification letters for divorce can also be pursued should you wish to affirm that the divorce that you are pursuing does exist in Texas State’s registry. This is done by submitting an application for that contains information about the divorce such as the names of the couple, the wife’s maiden name and their ages, the exact date, and the city or county wherein the divorce was filed and finally granted. This can be submitted online or via mail to the said department along with the $20.00 processing fee charged on your credit card or via money order payable, respectively. Results are then expected to be processed within a period of 10-15 working days.

The principle of convenience over the years has been exemplified in various attempts to ease up the process of distributing divorce records to those who need them. Nowadays, it seems as if several repositories have finally developed a way to fulfill this void. Utilizing the power of the Internet, online databanks for public records have been put up to deliver fast and accurate outputs right at the comfort of one’s own home. This time, effort, and money-saving alternative has become a popular choice for many consumers because of the atmosphere of convenience it brings to the table.

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