The Best Way to Divorce Without a Lawyer in Texas

Our process is simple and is designed to give you the flexibility to choose the options that are right for you.

Step One: Create an Account

Set up your personal, password-protected account to begin working toward a Negotiated Divorce settlement for your divorce.

Step Two: Get Educated

We’ll create a customized package that includes the educational materials, document preparation and professional assistance that you need to resolve your divorce quickly and efficiently.

Step Three: Negotiate an Agreement

We’ll provide you with strategies and tips so that you can negotiate a workable resolution for your divorce. If you need additional help, we’re always a phone call away with mediation assistance.

Step Four: Create Documents

Negotiated Divorce auto-generates all your legal documents for you, saving you hundreds of dollars. All of our documents come with clear, concise instructions on how to navigate your way through the court system.

Get an Easy Divorce Online in Texas

No one knows your family as you do, so why turn important decisions over to lawyers and judges when you don’t have to? Many people can get a fast, low-cost divorce in Texas. The founders of Negotiated Divorce – lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals – believe you should have the choice to handle your divorce with as much or as little professional help as you need, and you should get that service for a known, fixed fee. See our article- “Choosing an Online Divorce Service”.

Our Philosophy

Negotiated Divorce’s core philosophy is that negotiated solutions are the best solutions. Consequently, we are committed to giving you the negotiation skills you need to settle your divorce on your terms — not someone else’s. Drawing upon more than 100 years of combined experience, we have developed instructional videos and written educational materials specifically for divorcing couples and parents. Broken into short, informative sections, you will learn the negotiation skills you need to settle your divorce – fairly and efficiently. And if you need additional help, we provide trained mediators: some who are trained to help with financial issues, and some who are trained to help with child-related issues. Read about- “Divorce as a Healthy Transformation”.


Our site differs from other online divorce sites in that it includes carefully-considered information from lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial experts so that you can divide your assets and debts and create a parenting plan, on your own schedule, at a fair and reasonable cost, with the support you need, including live mediation assistance if your circumstances require it.


We give you the best information from our years of professional experience so that you have the tools to bypass the emotional and financial cost usually associated with court and to get a reasonably priced divorce without a lawyer. We help you make educated decisions about what will work best for your family.


We offer a variety of services and packages. With Negotiated Divorce, you purchase only the services you need to reach a customized and informed resolution at a known and affordable cost.