Strategies to Get on the Best Path Towards Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Whether you’re contemplating a separation, going through a divorce or having had already been through the divorce process, I am sure you will agree it’s a time when your body is put through a lot of emotional stress and pressure. During my divorce, I kept envisioning getting in my car and driving to a place called nowhere. Far enough away so I could distance myself from the emotions I was feeling. It was a daily battle that required many coping skills to help me move forward.

For others, a common way to cope and self-soothe is through food. Some find eating to be a comfort during times of stress, others find it a chore. These roller coaster rides of emotions can lead a person to ignore basic hunger cues and eat out of emotion rather than by choice.

Despite the challenge, keeping yourself feeling well physically and mentally is essential as you travel down this rocky road. Eating the proper foods for energy, to help you sleep, and guard you against emotional binge eating is critical. Protecting your body by eating well and exercising will play a key role in helping you cope during this trying time.

As a woman who has been through the divorce process I can relate to what you are feeling. As a Registered Dietitian, I have spent the past twenty years sitting beside my clients developing strategies to get them on the best path towards healthy living. One-size-fits-all nutrition plans don’t work. Having a support system combined with a customized plan that focuses on your health, lifestyle and food preferences is essential for long-term success.

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