After your Texas divorce

After your divorce is final consider this…

Am I responsible for the mortgage if my ex stays in the house?

Whether you would be required to pay or not would depend on your and your ex’s entire financial situation. This would be decided by a judge. As far as the bank is concerned, if your ex doesn’t pay, they’re coming after you as long as your name is on the mortgage.

I just got through my divorce now I’m ready to start dating again, where do I begin?

When you’re newly divorced you may find that all your friends are married and you don’t know any other single friends. You may also feel as though you have no clue about the dating scene today, be it all of the apps or online dating sites and even trying to figure out dating etiquette. A great place to start is to hire a Dating Coach who can help you navigate this new world. Dating Coaches are great resources for newly divorced individuals because they will not only provide sound dating advice but also help you get very clear about your wants and needs, criteria, deal breakers, and life goals as it relates to future relationships, which will ultimately be your roadmap to love again.

Will I ever be able to move on from the despair that my divorce has caused?

Yes, you will be able to move on from the despair. It is expected that your divorce will lead to painful emotions, but these emotions are natural; they will not last forever unless you remain stuck and play the role of victim.

My marriage is over and I feel like a total failure. Why is my happily ever after so unhappily ever after?

You are not a failure. Your marriage did not work. You’re happily ever after is contingent on YOU, not on your marriage. This means that your happiness is in your control despite what you are going through. That said, this is an emotional time with a significant amount of change and upheaval. You need to give yourself personal space and in so doing, this is the perfect time to make yourself a priority in your own life. Too often, the person we have become as Mrs. or Mr. So & So is so woven into the fabric of our married lives that we have forgotten and lost our individual identity in the process. This is the time to begin the task of reconnecting with this Forgotten Woman or Forgotten Man.

What did you love to do before your marriage? What have you been yearning to try and never did because of your spouse, kids, or time? It’s time to play. Giving yourself space to reflect, and time to think and access your current values will help you to discover your Forgotten Woman or Man and in so doing, it will reconnect you to a refreshed version of your former self. Small steps forward toward a new and independent you.

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