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Forming bonds of love, trust and commitment is a difficult process. This investment can be shattered overnight with the right mix of internal and external factors. It is truly a painful process, but it opens up the opportunity to live a new, less stressful life. Like good things, bad experiences also come to an end. This is emotional roller coaster is experienced by almost half of the celebrated marriages in the United States.

The papers divorce yield, called divorce records are a compilation of the divorce process in its entirety. The information in these documents can be used in a variety of processes, such as background checks, the removal of an ex-spouse’s influence in joint financial accounts, and the renewal of a woman’s maiden name in government-issued documents such as professional licenses. The most important use of divorce records, however, is to legalize the separation of the bonds of marriage between two individuals, after the approval of a judge in a Court of Law. Another important use of these registers occurs in the situation of remarrying individuals because the issuance of a new marriage license typically requires a copy of the applicant’s divorce record.

Texas legislation mandates the distribution and protection of divorce records on a county level to better the general clientele. This task is assumed the various District Clerks of each county within the state’s jurisdiction. Moreover, public records in the state can be obtained by anyone.

Procuring copies of Shelby County divorce records starts off by filing a request in person or via mail. Pertinent details about a divorce such as the full names of the persons involved a range of dates wherein the divorce was filed, and the court case number, if available. If you want to make sure the divorce you’re looking for is registered in the State of Texas, you can request a copy of divorce verification letters from the Department of State Health Services. The same basic details about the divorce must be provided upon doing this action. This service is charged at $20.00 and is normally processed within 10-15 working days. After the requestor application forms are completed, mail them including the required processing and copy fee to the office of the District Clerk. The processing of requests will take days to weeks, depending on the number of requests the said office is receiving.

Sensing an increased demand for a divorce and other public documents, government-appointed repositories and authorized independent service providers that offer records search and retrieval has taken their amenities online to address more requests. By searching for the record you’re looking for will only take you a few minutes, relieving the anxiety of whether or not that record occurs in existence or not. Moreover, these services are excellent for immediate matters requiring that require the presentation of a particular record. Finally, great amounts of time, effort and expenses will be spared if one decides to resort to this option.

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