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On a daily basis, around 6,646 marriages are caught in the infamous web of emotions created by a disappointing partnership. They end up in a divorce in order to provide closure from all the hardships that have haunted them for as long as they can remember. Divorces are common occurrences in the United States, making the country a leader amongst developed countries in divorce rates.

Consistent with other vital events, divorces are documented in order to present a comprehensive divorce history. The documentation of such events is essential for a variety of implications in the legal, statistical, and demographic aspects of society. Records of divorce do not only serve to provide a full history of divorce, but they also act as a proof that a divorce has been granted by an arbiter in any Court of Law. Divorce records are usually sought for the purpose of remarriage. The reason behind such intentions is that divorce records serve as a requirement before one can be issued with a new marriage license. Other significant uses include background checks and the renewal of a woman’s maiden name.

Records of divorce in the State of Texas are archived, maintained and distributed on a county level, as per State Laws. The entities responsible for such tasks are all Offices of the District Clerk within Texas State’s jurisdiction.

Tom Green County divorce records are available to the public, as long as the appropriate intentions are clearly stated. The same goes for divorce records in all counties in the State. To accomplish the goal of obtaining divorce records in the county, simple steps and requirements must be followed and submitted, respectively. It begins with the completion of an application letter or form that contains a statement of your intention for obtaining such documents. You must also state the important details about a divorce, for example, the husband and wife’s complete names, the date the divorce was filed, and the Court Case Number. Submit these completed requirements, together with the imposed fees by the said repository and a return address to the Office of the District Clerk. Processing times are solely dependent on the number of requests the mentioned office is receiving.

Procuring copies of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services is also a viable option should you want to confirm the registration of a divorce that you’re looking for in the State of Texas, or if you want additional information about that divorce. Requesting for these letters requires the fulfillment of an application form that contains essential information about that divorce, such as the names and ages of the couple, the city or county the divorce was filed, and the date of the filing of the divorce. The said form, together with the $20.00 processing fee can be sent to the department online or via mail. You are to wait for roughly 10-15 days for the delivery your results.

With the help of the Internet, some services, such as public records that usually take time for them to be processed can now be expedited. Simply after the performance of a quick search in the databases of government agencies or private service providers, you can gain access to and obtain your desired records at the shortest amount of time. These effort, money and time-saving advantages are very useful for immediate matters that require the presence of that document.

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